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kamillosan spray

What is kamillosan m spray?

Kamillosan M Spray is the number 1-selling and doctor-prescribed sore throat spray (based on IQVIA MAT 2018). It contains 8 active ingredients known to soothe and relieve sore throat.

Where is kamillosan made?

Made in Germany, Kamillosan M Spray is an oral spray that consists of seven natural ingredients clinically proven to relieve mild to severe sore throat. How much is Kamillosan?

What are the side effects of kamillosan m?

Kamillosan M Throat Spray 1 • Dry, itchy sore throat 2 • Mouth sores or ulcers 3 • Acute gingivitis (gum disease/inflammation) 4 • Symptoms following dental extraction and during eruption of permanent teeth 5 • Mucosal irritation by dental prosthesis (ie. false teeth) 6 • Prophylaxis for oral and pharyngeal disinfection or cleaning More ...

How often should I use kamillosan® mouth spray?

Inflamed areas of the mouth or pharynx should be sprayed 3 times daily. It is recommended to use the spray after each meal. Do not use Kamillosan® Mouth Spray, if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to chamomille or other composite flowers, to anise or other umbellifers (Apiaceae), to anethole or to peppermint oil.

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