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What is Ituran?

Ituran was established in 1994 by the Tadiran conglomerate to develop and operate a service for locating stolen vehicles using a technology that was originally developed for military use at Tadiran Telematics, a subsidiary of Tadiran Communications. The core technology was originally developed and licensed by Tadiran from Teletrac USA.

Why choose Ituran GPS services?

with Ituran advanced GPS services - you’re covered! information & control at any location. Execute full activities report about the vehicle & the driver on a period of time by choice, including details analysis on the driver behavior, routes & job completion

What happened to Ituran Brazil?

Ituran Brazil was founded in 1999 and has (as of the end of 2014) more than 310,000 active subscribers. In May 2018 a severe security vulnerability was discovered in the Ituran system. The vulnerability allows attackers to easily extract personal information of Ituran customers, including home addresses, phone numbers and car registration numbers.

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