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What is IPIS?

The International Peace Information Service (IPIS) is an independent research institute based in Antwerp (Belgium), providing governmental and non-governmental actors with information and analysis to build sustainable peace and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. The research is centred around four

What is intelligent personnel information systems (PiS)?

intelligent Personnel Information Systems atau lebih dikenali i PIS merupakan Sistem Maklumat Kakitangan Pintar yang dibangunkan pada tahun 2012 secara dalaman oleh Bahagian Teknologi Maklumat, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam. Sistem ini telah dilancarkan secara rasmi oleh Y. Bhg. Dato' Hj. Mohd Jaafar bin Hj.

What is IPIS vzw?

International Peace Information Service (IPIS) vzw is een onafhankelijk onderzoeksinstituut dat informatie, analyse, en capaciteitsversterking op maat voorziet ter ondersteuning van actoren die een visie van vrede, duurzame ontwikkeling en mensenrechten willen realiseren. De groei van onze organisatie vraagt om

What was sajjadpour's message to the IPIS?

Sajjadpour appreciated Pakistan's efforts in strengthening bilateral relations and conveyed his gratitude for the warm hospitality extended to the IPIS delegation in Pakistan. He emphasized upon the need for closer cooperation between Pakistani and Iranian think tanks such as IPS and IPIS.

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