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Can I Delete my GCash account?

GCash is a great e-wallet app that has proven to be an indispensable addition to the daily lives of many Filipinos. However, some GCash users have expressed their desire to deactivate or delete their GCash accounts for a variety of reasons.

How do I change my mobile number in GCash?

If you got yourself a new mobile number or if you lost your old number, you can change your mobile number in GCash. All you have to do is to submit a support ticket and mention that you want to change your mobile number. You may have to provide additional personal information to prove your identity.

How do I Reset my MPIN for my GCash account?

To reset your GCash account MPIN, you can either request a 6-digit authentication code via SMS of the registered mobile phone number and answer the 3 security questions that you have set upon creating your Gcash account, or verify your GCash account via Email or by providing the account details.

How do I unlink my GCash account in messenger?

Unlinking your GCash account in Messenger is done via going thru the “Chatbox, select “Money”, and then select “Your Account”. You will be given an option to “Unlink Account”, select it and then confirm by selecting “Yes, Unlink” Afterward, GCash will send you a message of confirmation of unlinking your account.

How To Delete Gcash Account In App

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