It is difficult for you to enter the website of an online casino and not be surprised by several messages, popup and bonus banners being delivered left and right to the customers of the house. Following the old story that “the house always wins”, obviously the casino is interested in you accepting that extra money. The main intention is to make you loyal, to make you know the casino and all its products, increasing your chances of winning and your funds to continue betting.

Types of bonus

This is the most famous bonus and present in all bookmakers, whether online casino or sports betting. Companies offer 100{dd9ead29d8b2a2b96bffa9db2ed82ba3cfa12456f4237475a67e1287be1a1f9e} deposit up to a certain amount. Let’s imagine that you put 100 dollars in your account. In this case, the company will give you another 100 dollars as a bonus. In total, you will get 200 dollars to venture through the site and visit the rooms and games. However, there are other types of bonuses available in the house. Have you checked the latest Brazino Bonus? Get the first deposit bonus, free spins, weekly cash back and much more.

Loyalty bonus

Many houses offer loyalty bonuses, for those who have been betting for some time. But, the casinos have rules for withdrawing this money if you somehow manage to win. They ask you to invest a little more (called a rollover) to actually earn the bonus money. That is why you always need to be smart about fine print lines and bonus conditions. With this, the house wants you to put your money in the wheel to bet before giving an extra. In these loyalty programs, there is also an increase in status, going from gold client to platinum or equivalent, which also generates more extra money. As stated above, it is interesting that you analyze the promotions on each site very well.

You can also take help of online bonus calculator to clarify exactly what you earn and what you need to do to take advantage of the extra money given by the house, which is always good for increasing your chances and taking money to your wallet.


Casino bonuses are the best part for players who are willing to win. Bonuses have the clear objective of maximizing players’ winnings. Online casinos today are extremely generous, and most of them reward players in a variety of ways. With hundreds of offers and different types of bonuses, players need to choose the option that best suits their preferences and make the most of it.

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