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how did you find the activity

How did you find something?

Asking, "How did you find [something]" to query someone's opinion or experience doesn't seem to relate directly "find" in the context of locating something. Even as a metaphor, referring to the act of locating something rarely includes a description of the thing itself.

What do you find helpful about the activities given in school?

In the activity that was given, I find it really helpful to me mainly because: the activity challenged me to work independently and at the same time collaboratively; and, the activity made me realize something that boosts my confidence. I believe that every activity given in school is helpful, engaging, and most importantly, enjoyable.

Should I do an activity individually or in a group?

Regardless if the activity is done individually or by group, the experience never changes, it is still the same. The enjoyment that you can experience in a group activity is no undoubtedly can be experienced also even if the activity is to be done individually. Check these links for additional information:

What is the meaning of the word find?

The OED has, as the primary meaning of "find" (going back to Old English): " I. To come upon by chance or in the course of events." Sense 4b (also found in Old English) is given as: "With object and complement or infinitive. To discover or perceive (something) to be in a specified state or condition."

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