The online ตรวจหวย comes up with a lot of doubts in mind. You have no idea whether trust it or not. You also have questions with you and don’t know where to find the answers. 

ตรวจหวย is not only the site to check lottery, but it also provides information about how exactly the lottery system works. It gives you a piece of information about the number of prizes that are given in a single lottery and the total money that is given to all the winners in total. 

  • Details about  a single lottery:

One lottery set consists of lots of applicants. The money given by the applicants is collected. The lottery tickets are chosen randomly and it’s a fair system. Accordingly, 14168 prizes are given to the winner. The total money given is 48000000 baht.

  • Chances of winning:

Since the lottery is quite a big system, it also offers fair chances of winning. The number of prizes given is 14168, which means there is a possibility to win. Still, luck plays an important role over here. Some get it in the first go, but some have to try several times. Not giving up is the key to win the lottery. Initially, you can target for small prize money. If you get an intuition of winning, you can shoot for the bigger prizes with your lucky number.

  • Rules Of  ตรวจหวย:

As this is affiliated with the government of Thailand, the lottery system has to follow certain rules along with the people who apply for it. This makes it easier for everyone.

1.The winning lottery holder gets the prize money.

2.One prize money reduces by the section if not all the lottery tickets are sold.

3.The winner gets the period of 2 years within which he has to claim the prize money. After 2 years, they won’t get the money even if they try to reach the main system. The 2 years start from the day results are announced.

  1. A stamp duty at the rate of 1baht/ 200baht has to be paid by the winners. The prize recipients will get to know how much they have to pay depending upon the amount of money they have won.
  • Supervision bodies for the Check Lottery website :

The Government Lottery Office supervises all the lottery-related decisions and issues. Government Lottery Office keeps a watch on the website whenever new lottery prize results are announced. Hence the information provided on the site has to be accurate all the time.

  • Disclaimers: 

Even if the website is under the supervision of the Government Lottery Office, there might be some mistakes due to the internet. It is always better to recheck the lottery results on the official site of the Government Lottery Office. Thailand’s government takes care of all this. If you have any doubts, you can always approach the website or directly the lottery office. 

There is a risk in taking part in the lottery. But winning the lottery can turn your sad life into a dream life once and for all. You must give it a try once.

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