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All of this plays on the unpredictability of football and that is already a big part of the explanation. In case of the 토토 먹튀  sites it is quite important now.

A points system counterbalanced by investments:

All the unpredictability of football caused by the point system is now counterbalanced by the huge role that money takes in football. This tends to widen the gap between the big teams and the small teams.

For example, the PSG has a budget of 540 million euros while Amiens has 25. The PSG has 22 times the budget that Amiens has. So necessarily there is a difference in level on the ground. There is no photo. This can be explained very easily.

  • It has tended to increase in recent years. We tell you, go to the next article where we will explain all this to you. You will see, it is very telling too.

How is it going in the United States? In MLB, but also in ice hockey or American football, wages are limited. You cannot exceed certain amounts otherwise you have fines and penalties. This levels the values ​​of the teams. It counterbalances the differences in points that there may be. The worst teams benefit from the best young people the following year.

The American Options

For Americans, sport is an economic business plan. It’s really to make money. For them it is inconceivable that a team, all the same time, is at the bottom of the hole. It would kill the business in certain regions. So that’s why the top rankings are not always the same, unlike Europe. In football, you have an egyptia, it’s always the same English club, the same German club. In France it’s PSG, it was Lyon. In Italy, the Juv’ In Holland PSV, Ajax. Portugal Porto. It’s always the same.

Why ? Because in this system, clubs that have money are made to earn even more. A bit like in life where it is easier to be very rich when you have money from the start. Life may be badly made but in any case it is a realistic observation.

Is this unpredictability going to change?

One thing that could change football is if we changed the rules. If we took offside, for example, there would be more goals in football so necessarily the favorites would win more often than half the time, than 50% of the time. It would be more predictable, easier to bet on the favorite.

By cons it would kill the great adventures that we can have with small teams. Like Leicester, who won the English championship 5000 to 1 a few years ago and who made the happiness of some supporters of this team. The year before, they were almost relegated, hence the odds of 5000 to 1. It makes great stories.

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