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What is Go-oo for Windows?

Go-oo for Windows was similar to OpenOffice.org Novell Edition for Windows. For example, Go-oo has version 3.0-19 and Novell Edition 3.0-22. The first time OpenOffice.org is started, a wizard opens to guide a user through the setting of user name and the registration process.

What happened to Go-oo?

The go-oo.org domain name was being used by 2005. The first separate release of Go-oo was 2.3.0, in October 2007. Go-oo was discontinued in favour of LibreOffice in September 2010.

Does Go-oo draw support OpenOffice Open XML?

(Note: OpenOffice.org 3.x has built in support for opening Office Open XML documents, but those versions of OOo cannot be installed under Windows 98 / ME .) Go-oo Draw has built-in functionality to open SVG files.

Does Novell OpenXML converter work with Go-oo?

Because Go-oo for Windows and OpenOffice.org Novell Edition for Windows are similar, Novell OpenXML Converter can work with Go-oo 3.x. 5&)&&)&)&)5! Go-oo localizations are available only as language packs to the English installation.

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