Football is the most popular sport in Europe and maybe even all around the globe and it’s also the sport who’s generating the most income. I’m a big fan of this sport myself and just like the majority, the passion started for me ever since I was just a few years old. I still remember how my dad and my older brother used to take me to the popular football games in town, how I used to play with the ball with my friends and all of that, so this sport was kind of implemented in my life since forever.

Following the usual path, when I grew up a bit I also started to play football. At first it was just a kids game around the neighborhood, then I started to play in the school’s team and at a point I got to play in my town’s official team. I loved football and I still love it, but somehow I never wanted to become a professional player. I only wanted to keep this as a passion who can relax me whenever I need it and besides that I focused on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life which is not related to sport.

However, years passed and I’m still here enjoying football games from time to time, even on TV or live at the stadium. I liked to play, but at a moment in my life I also discovered the soccer bets and I started to do Football Mathematical Predictions because I also wanted to earn some money. My finances were already doing pretty well so I was not so eager to make an income out of bets, but it was more for the pleasure of winning a bet so I kept doing it.

Back in the old days it was all about the research that you were able to do on this subject. You had to analyze teams, players and games of all times in order to make a prediction as accurate as possibile to win your bet.

Some years after that, as the technology advanced more and more, we started to have options like Football Predictions Artificial Intelligence which completely changed the way of placing soccer bets. The whole situation got easier and was way less time-consuming than before. Now, instead of spending many hours watching games and analyizing the players, you can get a robot that can make AI Soccer Predictions for you.

I already tested it out many times and it’s definitely worth it. Sometimes I still can’t believe how smart the technology became and I still remember the times when I didn’t even have a cellphone but now with just a few clicks I can get a software who can tell me pretty accurate on which team I should bet my money on a soccer game, that’s amazing and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next few years because I’m sure that the technology development is not going to stop or even slow down any time soon.