Cryptocurrencies and basic blockchain technology have enormous potential, something we still do not understand and understand. The picture is getting clearer and we are pleased to meet with Chairman of ETV capital group –

The cryptocurrency industry has entered a new phase of development.

In Brazil: The Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography (IBGE) reports that the total inflation rate over the past 12 months has reached 4.58{dd9ead29d8b2a2b96bffa9db2ed82ba3cfa12456f4237475a67e1287be1a1f9e} (in the spring of 2019). At the same time, news that the volume of transactions on Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges has increased sharply to 100,000 BTC appears.

The growing interest of the community is associated with a lot of positive news in the market. Such as Facebook Libra coin and approval of the first contracts to provide physical futures for Bitcoin’s SEC, the release of natural cryptocurrencies by large companies like JPMorgan, as well as the use of world banks use Ripple

What About ETV Coin?


My partner and I first became interested in cryptocurrencies in early 2012. The more we study the problem, the more we understand that cryptocurrencies are a very promising area that can change the entire world of finance. It took a year to implement our plan to launch ETV coin 

For me – our success is a combination of several factors: including enthusiastic professionals, we are completely open to our community and customer care is one of our priorities major in the company and now we continue to grow and quickly gain momentum.

TOTAL SUPPLY: 900,000,000 ETV COin

ERC20 cryptocurrency, which ensures security and comes with a much more advanced smart contract system than the current smart contract.

Name of coin: etheplatinum (ETV)

  1. Quantity: 900,000,000 VND
  2. Current starting price of $ 0.1
  3. May 2020 has separate etheplatinum coin wallet
  4. The coin uses ethereum’s RC20 algorithm
  5. In June, 2020, ETV is traded in the Game, forex and trade ecosystem
  6. September 2020 ETV is traded on the internal exchange.
  7. Q1 / 2021 ETV is traded on the free market

The ETV coin gift program starts from April 1, 2020 until the amount of 100,000,000 ETV is given out

Current conversion value 1ETV = 0.1 $

I’m currently sure that ETV coin will be the pioneer of 2020 cryto 

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