Livestreaming has quickly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment in gaming as many have begun to shift away from the previous passion in content creation on YouTube and have turned to other platforms like Twitch and stories of huge deals and big sponsorships have led many to believe their future career is within streaming. Getting your set-up just right can often be difficult however, and with so many different options to choose from, it’s important to know what you should be aiming for. 


A good mic and webcam are a great place to start – Success in streaming largely comes from having a great personality for the platform, and you’re not able to show that off without a good webcam or mic – fortunately, good quality 1080p webcams can now be found for much cheaper in order to deliver great quality without a huge cost, although good studio microphones and the extra stuff you may need like a boom arm are still quite pricey. It’s certainly well worth the investment for getting started out though, as these may be vitals that you’ll hold on to for a longer period of time and less likely to replace as you upgrade other bits and pieces. 

A good primary, or secondary PC – Having the system for streaming is an essential in itself, and there are two different approaches – either having your main PC handle the bulk of it, or use a second PC, and it may ultimately depend on what you plan to do. The rise of esports has led to much of Twitch being focussed around the big esports titles and the development of a betting scene at has certainly helped, but variety streamers are certainly growing and if you’re looking to play  the latest AAA titles, you may need to go with the latter to ensure you’ve got enough processing power to stream without taking a performance hit.

Choosing the right platform is important too – The biggest streaming platform is of course found on Twitch, but it’s also the hardest to grow on – with so much big talent and so many newcomers looking to make a name for themselves on the platform, it can be tough to stand out. Other platforms like YouTube have been growing, and others like Mixer have recently closed, but it’s important to pick the right service to get set-up on, as you may find more success on one platform than another and may find more success with the correct choice.

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