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energy calculator axie

How do I use the simple energy calculator?

The simple calculator is composed of the Energy Buttons (plus and minus), End Turn button, Reset Button and the Undo Button. The simple energy calculator also has an Arena Tracker. In order to keep track of your opponent's energy, you simply click on the plus or minus button. You add one energy whenever your opponent uses/loses energy.

What is the advance energy calculator?

The Advance Energy Calculator, is an improvised version of the Standard Energy Calculator. The main difference between the Advance Energy Calculator and the Standard Energy Calculator is that, the Advance Energy Calculator has an SEA Tracker and a Card Tracker. The energy calculation works similar to the standard Energy Calculator.

How do you check a table for axies?

As soon as a round starts you should be checking which cards have been dealt and clicking checkboxes in the table (any color can be used for your axies, it doesn't mean that if you have a double aquatic and bug composition you can't use this table). Collumns and rows will, eventually, get checked.

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