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What is E-Sabong betting?

Basically, e-Sabong is exactly what it sounds like: electronic sabong, or online cockfighting. Currently, e-Sabong is a prominent underground betting market, where operators set up black market websites and social media portals to accept wagers on illicit, unregulated sabong derby action.

Is E-Sabong legal in the Philippines?

Is e-Sabong Legal In The Philippines? As of late 2021, e-Sabong is not included as an authorized market per Philippine gambling law, as online sports betting – including online cockfighting betting – is not available in a regulated domestic capacity to Filipino gamblers.

What is E-Sabong and why is it important?

Another major event with ties to sabong (and, thus, e-Sabong) is the World Gamefowl Expo. This is a trade show for the entire global gamefowl industry, and it’s a technological and breeding showcase unlike any other. The World Gamefowl Expo is often held in the Philippines given the country’s commitment to the community at large.

What IP address does esabong use?

• Esabong.com resolves to the IP addresses 2606:4700:20::ac43:443d, Where are Esabong.com servers located in? • Esabong.com has servers located in United States. About - esabong.com

E Sabong Com

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