In this day and age of pollution, it is critical that we choose the right purification solution for our residential drinking water system. After all, if you have to ask “What is in our drinking water?” you probably already have a concern that you and your family may be exposed to dangerous contaminants.

What is in our drinking water? The answer depends on a few factors, one being the source of your H2O supply. If you have a public water supply, your municipality is required to provide water quality tests results to anyone who requests it. This report also spells out what additives are used to decrease the toxicity of some contaminants found in the water.

If you have a private drinking water system such as a well, you have a responsibility to your family to have it tested. Once you determine what is in your private supply, you can then determine what the best purification solution is for your household.

By understanding what is in our drinking water, you can tailor your home purification technology to what best suits your H2O conditions effectively and efficiently as possible. Improving your drinking water system can be accomplished as easily as installing a point-of-entry carbon filter on your faucets, to the more costly, but highly effective point-of-use reverse osmosis that treats all water as it enters your house.

What is important is that you have your facts about what is in our drinking water before you buy a solution. If your public water supply is largely free of dangerous toxins and pharmaceuticals, perhaps all you need is a basic absorption system that filters the water through charcoal, carbon or some other common filtering product.

If, however, your water supply quality is questionable, you may feel better if you install a drinking water system that goes beyond basic filtration and more into using technology to cleanse the water such as ultraviolet, reverse osmosis or distillation. Someone living in an area that does not have access to a clean water source, may find that installing all of these methods is the only way to ensure your family is getting good, quality H2O.

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