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How to register for a new Dito promo?

Check out the list of DITO promos available now. How to register for a new DITO promo in App or Official DITO Telecommunity Website. Before anything else, you need to have enough load balance before you can register for a promo. If not, then you may need to top up DITO load credit first before we proceed.

What is Dito load calling?

DITO Telecommunications Prepaid Load Calling, texting, and surfing the internet is now faster and more affordable with DITO! For as low as Php 15, you can get regular load valid for one year. For Php 199, you can get 25 GB that you can use to browse sites, send instant messages, and watch your favorite videos to your heart’s content.

How do I Register my Dito Sim?

As soon as you get your DITO SIM, it’s recommended that you register it on the DITO app. Through the app, you can monitor your load balance, mobile data, and free minutes. You can also purchase load and prepaid promos through the app. Download the DITO app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

What can I do with Dito load credits?

Share load with your DITO friends. Avail of app-exclusive promos using your load credits. View your load and promo availment history. Get in-app notifications when you buy & share a load or promo. Feel secure and be in control of your DITO profile! Update your DITO profile with ease. Forgot your password?

Dito Load Registration

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