Online slot gaming is one of the most popular sectors in gaming industry and its popularity is gradually increasing day by day. With AWP and heavy jackpot games, there is no doubt people love to spend their time on slot machines. Developers have made these games more exciting with numerous attractive features like slot machine symbols, reels and paylines. If you are a beginner then you must try all kinds of online slot machines from a good website.

Given below are some major categories of online slot machines:

3 reels – The 3 reel machine is similar traditional slot machines that you played at arcade zones or casinos. It has three reels and it is very easy to play. If you are a beginner then you can start with it to understand the features of online versions. You can visit for more information on 3 reels.

5 reels – Once you taste the excitement of slot world then all you want is more and that is why developers came up with advanced versions of traditional slot. It not only has 5 reels but more attractive and exciting features with increased paylines, free spins, prizes, etc. 

Mobile slots – This is one of the most popular kinds of slots machines. Mobile slots can be easily played on your mobile phones or tablets and this adds a major feature i.e. convenience. You can play slot games in your bed at any time you want either by applications or websites.

Progressive slots – If you ask a professional slot player that what their favorite kind of slot is then chances are they would name any progressive slot machine. The reason behind is special feature of this slot i.e. every time you lose a round the main jackpot value increase by a bit. So, that means the more you wait, bigger would be the final jackpot.

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