In basketball, for example, there are “cuts” on the number of points scored in a match. And of course the bookmakers decline over-under bets to infinity.

Thus concerning team sports, they offer over under bets on each of the teams, or on a half-time. Ditto in tennis where you can for example bet on the total number of games, per set or on the number of games per player.

Other types of bets

Bookmakers offer many other types of sports betting, for example half-time betting. Of course, the half-time result bet is the best known, but there can be a half-time bet for practically any type of bet. The example of the half-time bet for over / under was cited above.

There are many other types of bets, such as exact score bets which involve betting on the outcome of a match. You can also bet on football goal scorers or rugby test scorers for example. Finally, let’s talk about a type of bet that is very common in team sports: the handicap bet. The principle of a handicap bet is to attribute one or more goals or points) to the presumed weakest team, in order to offer more balanced odds. Online betting sites offer a lot of handicap betting, here is an example so that you understand what it looks like. As in Kings Casino you get 카지노가입쿠폰 you can have the best options now.

Sports 1×2 Betting

Sports betting has grown enormously in recent years, so the 1×2 football prediction is becoming more and more popular. From now on, a wide choice of online sports betting site offers increasingly diversified bets, with advantageous bonuses and a very extensive catalog, all of this available in one click from your smartphone or your computer. We will focus in this article on reliable football predictions, explain what it is, 1×2 odds, how to use them. Finally, we will talk about sites that offer football sports predictions, which give tips for betting in analyzing the matches.

In the world of sports betting, the 1×2 system is the most common, the most used and generally the one that most interests the majority of punters. Indeed, when we talk about 1×2 sports forecast, it is a question of defining who will be the winner of the clash between team or sportsman 1 and 2. We will simply determine who will be the winner of the event. , often designating the home team (if there is one) by 1 and the away team by 2. In matches where there may be draws, these bets are also referred to as 1N2, with N for the draw. Often, football 1×2 predictions are embellished with the N for the draw.

Choose from a large selection of 1×2 bets on King casino

This is the simplest and most common type of bet, the one that most interests fans who want to see their team win. There are many other types of football bets, especially on the number of goals scored, individual player statistics. This type of betting is often accompanied by an analysis of the match, to find out who is most likely to win. .


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