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cuddle in tagalog

What is the difference between a hug and a cuddle?

A cuddle is a long and affectionate hug mostly associated with rainy weather and a hot drink. Cuddles are more intimate than hugs as it shows love and affection in a more confined setting.

What is the importance of cuddling to children?

Cuddling, hugging, rocking, playing, loving —all stimulate the development of the brain. Ang pagkandung, pagyapos, paghehele, paglalaro, at pagmamahal —lahat ay nagpapasigla sa pag-unlad ng utak. The terrorist act stole their right to be children, to play and laugh and cuddle in the arms of their mothers and fathers.

What is “Yakap” in Tagalog?

Ang mga yakap ay ang pagkapit o paghawak ng mahigpit sa isang tao. Ito ay nagpapakita ng pagmamahal sa isang mas maliit na espasyo kaysa sa mga yapos, na ginagawa silang mas matalik. Here are the common synonyms for the words “ Yakap” in Tagalog:

What happens when a child does not get enough cuddling?

A Florida psychiatrist said: “A child who does not get enough hugging or cuddling may grow up to be withdrawn, detached or aloof. . . . Isang saykayatris sa Florida ang nagsabi: “Ang isang bata na hindi gaanong niyayapos o pinapangko ay maaaring lumaki na mahiyain, malamig ang loob o malayô. . . .

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