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cocomelon background

Where did Cocomelon come from?

But this was not always the case, and, in fact, the concept behind CoComelon was actually first developed back in 2006. Specifically, according to the Independent, the series came about from a California couple looking to entertain their own children.

Why is'Cocomelon'so popular?

That change, along with replacing the show's original animation style with 3D animation, really sent CoComelon soaring in popularity, as Insider reported. Once the creators found that magic recipe to CoComelon, the show found its sweet spot.

What is Cocomelon's tagline?

CoComelon creator Jay Jeon explained that while CoComelon tries to be fun and engaging for children, the show's creators also try to stay relevant with the topics they present. "The CoComelon tagline is 'Be happy and smart,'" Jeon told the Independent.

Is Cocomelon a good show?

Like anything that's popular, CoComelon has more than a few haters. Sure, it's a kids' show, but not every child is going to enjoy it and certainly not every adult will, either.

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