Online rummy is all the rage these days. With a large number of options to choose from, rummy lovers are often confused about which is the Best Online Rummy Platform to play on. Well, your worries end here. Read on to find out how to pick your online rummy website or app, and what are the top reasons for doing so.

Refer to the reviews

A company running a rummy platform will never say bad things about itself. Marketers are smart and they always know how to advertise the positives without revealing the negatives. This makes it difficult for newbies to understand how good or bad a platform is. That’s when customer reviews come to the rescue! Look for feedback and reviews from other players for an honest perspective. And do not just read a few reviews because even they can be fake. Check a bunch of reviews across a number of online platforms such as blogs and social media pages. If you know a player personally, even better. 

Reading reviews is even easier in case of mobile app platforms. Google Play Store and Apple Store both offer the feature of customer ratings and reviews, which is mostly a very fair indication of how good or bad an app is. 

Check the security features

Everyone starts playing rummy for fun and eventually makes his way to cash rummy. Now, cash rummy is great, but it means that your money is at stake and hence a safe and secure platform is always better. In cash rummy, you will make financial transactions on two different occasions – one, while depositing money in your wallet to play the games, and two, while withdrawing money from the wallet if you have considerable winnings. Due to rising financial fraud and the efforts from banks and the government to keep consumers safe, most people are now well aware of the risks. But the question is, how to avoid getting duped? Well, you can keep your money secure by opting for a safe platform that uses a sophisticated payment gateway. For example, a platform like RummyCulture makes use of encryption, which makes your financial data absolutely secure. 

Explore the best bonus and rewards

Most rummy platforms promise a lot, but very few actually deliver on those promises. It is important for newbies to be careful and choose a platform that meets the expectations from the word go. A platform like RummyCulture is a great example. It promises a joining bonus of INR 5250 the first time a user adds cash. Even existing users get Booster Bonus of up to INR 2525! Before joining, speak to your friends who are existing users of this platform and ask them if they got the bonus as promised. Once they confirm, you can join without any worries.

Try the gaming experience

Another important aspect is the user experience during gameplay. A lot of novices develop Online  Rummy Apps that crash or do not offer a smooth experience. A good rummy app like RummyCulture guarantees 24×7 hassle-free gameplay. The interface is great to look at and extremely intuitive. Players can watch tutorials to learn the game, make use of the live chat option, and play anytime, anywhere as long as they have a phone and an internet connection. 

To summarise, it’s not impossible to find a great online rummy platform, but it surely needs some careful exploration and research. But once you’ve found it, the rummy experience will be truly worth it.

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