You are now beginning to understand how sport trading works. And, if you haven’t already noticed, unlike the financial markets, the sports trader is incredibly simple to understand. You have little to know if not to master the rules of the game. From there you will be able to plan, learn some trading strategies to follow and customize your trading style. 

Who has never dreamed of earning money by staying at home? Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier and sports bettors have fully benefited from this technological revolution. In this article, I present 3 different possibilities that there are to win money on the internet in sports betting. Read this article to the end to find out which ones you’ve missed so far and which you don’t even suspect!

Foreword: The terms “sports betting site” and “bookmaker” refer to the same thing and are used in an undifferentiated manner. With the 토토 갤러리 sites you will need to have the best choices now.

Take a sports bet online

Bet on an online betting site

It seems, far away, the time when the tobacco shops had their storefront. The world of betting has since invaded the web. There are thousands of betting sites and even more match data sites. You can bet without leaving your home. Just open an account, select a match and place your bet! In 3 clicks and it’s done Let’s take an example Manchester United receives the PSG to analyze how a bet works?

Winamax betting odds 1×2 Manchester-PSG

We have the possibility to bet on the victory of Manchester , the draw or the victory of PSG. By betting € 100 on Manchester , via the French sports betting site Winamax , in the event of a victory you would receive € 230 (2.30 x € 100) or a net gain of € 130 (€ 230 gain € 100 wagering departure = 130 €).

Not bad, you say? However in the event of a draw or a PSG victory you will lose your € 100. Which did not fail to happen since PSG won the match.

The real question, the only one, is how to make money by betting? How to become profitable?

The Value Bet

A professional bettor will seek to bet on “value” odds, “Value Bet”. That is to say, the odds which are miscalculated by the sports betting sites and poorly reflect the real probability that an event will occur.

These errors, in other words, these value bet , it is up to you to identify them, by interpreting the information you have on a match in probability and therefore in odds. The greater the difference between your interpretation and the odds offered by the bookmaker, the higher the value.


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