The whole world of online sports betting is somewhat rifle and filled with duplicitous actions and these range from the sportsbook having poor solvency and even delayed payout, making you realize that these are the so-called intentional fraudsters. But not all sports betting sites are like that.

Proper research would help you to understand which online sports betting site is legal and which is not. No doubt the dishonest online sports betting sites are easy to identify as they won’t be having proper licenses and certification.

What Does Scummy or Fraud Sports Website Look Like?

Well, not all of the online sports betting sites can be like 188bet. You can find out the fraud ones by the below-given factors:

  • Extremely delayed payout which might extend to more than 30 business days.
  • Lack of good customer service.
  • Not crediting the winning wages (this can be entirely or partially)
  • Making off with the deposits present in the totality.

Checking The Sports Betting Website’s License

Any reputable kind of sports betting website would brandish their legally obtained license for operating on the website. Certain legitimate sports websites take huge pains for making their license highly visible and while others try to hide it within their terms and conditions.

So, rest assured, if the sports betting website is on the up-and-up, you can easily get the licensing region that would be somewhere on their site.

Check Out For Lines That Seem Too Good To Be True

Sometimes if you notice, there might be eye-popping lines. This is a sign that the online sports betting site is not trustworthy. Of course, most of the bookmarkers would create lines and false promises. You should avoid them and try to make sure that the discrepancies are easily seen. If you feel that a particular line is simply off, then it is.

Bonuses Seem Too Good To Be True

Some of the common scummy online sports betting sites follow a trick using the bonus for attracting customers. By providing massive bonuses, they would trick you and that too in the terms and conditions.

Now if you come across anything like 500% sign up bonuses or bonuses without any kind of rollover, then don’t pounce on that offer. Keep in mind that not online sports site with sound financial practice would be able to provide the required bonus like these fake scammers.

Wrapping Up

Always do good research on the website of the sports betting site. Most of them like 188bet app have a clear and wonderful website that shows the legitimate status. So, do good research before selecting a sports betting arena.

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