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bremod hair color chart

Can you use bremod hair dye at home?

The brand is widely known for its amazing hair dye that you can use at home. Learn more about Bremod PH and discover hair dying tips using their products! How do you use Bremod hair color? | What hair color is best for Morena? | How do you use oxidant Bremod hair color?

What is the price of bremod hair color?

Bremod Blonde Hair Color (Permanent Hair Color) ₱ 103.00. MCAS Beauty & Clothing (1+1=3) 4.9 /5. Go to Store. Bremod Blue Hair Color (Permanent Hair Color) ₱ 118.00. MCAS Beauty & Clothing (1+1=3) 4.9 /5.

How many types of oxidizers does bremod have?

There are three types of oxidizers from Bremod, which are as follows: How do you use oxidizing Bremod hair color? Mixing proportion is 1:1. 1 part of color cream + 1 part of peroxide or oxidizing. Stir thoroughly, in a non-metallic bowl until the mixture has a smooth consistency.

What are the different shades of brown hair color?

There are many shades of brown that you can experience with such as espresso, cocoa, golden bronze, honey tea brown, and chocolate brown. You can achieve a honey tea brown hair color with the Bremod hair product.

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