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borgy manotoc

Who is Borgy Manotoc?

Borgy Manotoc was born on April 9, 1983, in Honolulu. He is the grandson of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and son of re-elected Ilocos Norte representative Imee Marcos. His father, sportsman Tommy Manotoc, gave him the moniker Borgy, after the tennis icon Bjorn Borg.

Where did Borgy Manotoc go to college?

His earliest memory of childhood was studying in London. The Manotocs travelled intensively and lived in Portugal. Florida and Singapore before returning to the Philippines. He went to Ateneo and International School, then started his college course in San Diego before transferring to New York.Borgy is a model/actor in the Philippines.

What happened to Manotoc Mano?

It was the height of Martial Law under dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and the Manotoc family took to the television and announced that he was missing. At first the public was unaware of the whole story. However, slowly but surely the truth filtered through the grapevine.

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