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bioderm ointment

What are the uses of BioDerm ointment?

Dr. S Wong Bioderm Ointment is used for Acne, Fungal infections of skin, Minor skin infections, Eczema, Skin irritation, Hemorrhoids, Nappy rash, Sunburn, Pain due to itching, Red skin and other conditions. Dr. S Wong Bioderm Ointment may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Can I use Dr Wong BioDerm ointment for acne and fungal infections?

Yes, acne and fungal infections of skin are among the most common reported uses for Dr. S Wong Bioderm Ointment. Please do not use Dr. S Wong Bioderm Ointment for acne and fungal infections of skin without consulting first with your doctor.

Why choose Bioderma products?

You will be directed to the homepage of Bioderma products. Defensive technology: the new active solution for sensitive and sensitised skin. BIODERMA is a brand built on ecobiology which is at the heart of NAOS' approach to respect the skin ecosystem and preserve its health.

How much does a box of BioDerm ointment weigh?

Dr. S Wong Bioderm Ointment-Packages: 15g & 30g (box of 1), 12.9g+4.5g+1.87g/100g Ointment in White PP Plastic flip-top container, 12.9g + 4.5g + 3.4g + 1.87g per 100g Ointment in Aluminum collapsible tube with plastic cap 5g, 12.9g + 4.5g + 3.4g + 1.87g per 100g Ointment in White plastic jar 50g (box of 1), 5g (box of 1)

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