A tie bet is a bet in which another team or player is given an advantage, ie a tie before the start of the game. There are two different versions of handicaps: Handicap or Asian Lines and European 3-Way Handicap.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a ww88 betting term used to describe handicap betting in football and hockey, among other places. Handicaps typically range from a quarter goal (-0.25) to multiple goals (+2.5).

The term has been named Asian Handicap because of its oriental origin. Indeed, Asian handicap bets have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and you can find them today on the destination list of every betting site.

Asian lines and Asian handicap are a great way to recycle bonuses, guard bets and underdog games, for example. Below is a more detailed description of Asian lines, as well as European handicaps, i.e. 3-way handicaps.

Return percentage

The return percentage of Sports betting’ winning bet is 85%. It is the 80% of the Couple of the Day and Super Double. For foreign gaming companies, return rates range from 88-98%.

Winning bet instructions

In a winning bet, as in a long bet, you should play competitions as a single, ie bet only the winner of one competition at a time. This reduces analytical errors per draw and shortens any loss tubes. Always look for competitions where the general public has guessed the wrong winner. Usually the masses play pre-favorites and their own teams and countries. Avoid this and you will win more.


In Sports betting’ winning bet, you can also bet on Super Car, Couple of the Day and Trio of the Day. In the Super Double, you bet on the winner of the competition and the second to come in order of priority. In the Supertripla, on the other hand, the top three in order of priority. On Day, you bet on the winners of two different competitions. In Today’s Trio, you bet on the winners of three different competitions. The winning bet can be played both individually and on the system.

Winning bets

People have always liked to bet on football, hockey, winter sports and formula in the winning bet. Winners of competitions, leagues and paint exchanges are usually bet on in the winning bets. Non-sports items can also be bet on in a winning bet. Eurovision and politics are good examples of such winning bets.

Winning bet online

Winning a bet online is more fun than a kiosk because

  • You can bet on competitions live
  • You can play on your mobile anywhere, anytime
  • You will receive a bonus on your deposits
  • You always play with good odds, so when you hit you win more

Everything else like money transfers, customer service, using the bet website works just like a domestic gaming company. Because of this, playing a winning bet online with foreign gaming companies is an easy choice.


Mobile gaming is already really popular now and will only grow in popularity in the future. Winning bets when played on mobile is easy and you can do it from anywhere at any time. We recommend Sports betting Room for mobile gaming.


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