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We also conducted the survey on 2 other major sports: tennis and basketball which are the 2 other most wagered sports after football.

“More or Less Goals” or “Over / Under” Bets comparator odds champions league over under

As for the type of Over / Under 토토사이트 bet for the Champions League, it’s even tighter. Winamax had 45 times the best odds, Unibet 44 times and there were 11 ties. No winner this time, the 2 operators offer substantially the same odds.

What if we compare the odds in other sports?

We studied the odds of 20 tennis matches and 20 basketball matches. We opted for the bet type “Result” or “12”. In tennis, there can only be one winner and one loser, and in basketball, a draw is very rare. In the same way as for football, this type of bet remains the favorite of the players and it is for this reason that we chose it.

Let’s start with tennis:

The 20 tennis matches studied are ATP circuit matches that took place in February 2018.

It’s pretty tight: Winamax offered 12 times the best odds, Unibet 4 times and there were 24 ties.

Small advantage to Winamax which obtains 30% higher odds against 10% for Unibet. There is still 60% similar odds between the 2 operators.

For basketball:

  • The 20 basketball games studied are NBA, Euroleague and Pro A matches that took place in February 2020.
  • This time, the results are final. Winamax has offered the best odds on 23 occasions, Unibet on 4 occasions and there have been 13 ties.
  • With 57.5% better odds, it is Winamax which largely wins this duel. Unibet only got 10% better ratings.

In conclusion: who wins the odds duel?

So who’s telling the truth? Is Winamax right in claiming to have the best odds? Or is it Unibet? Or do both tell the truth?

Thanks to this study, we can see that the operator Winamax has won 5 rounds and the operator Unibet 1 single round. It is therefore Winamax which wins the palm of the best odds, in particular for the type of bet 1N2.

The next time you see operators claiming to offer the best odds on their site, don’t hesitate to conduct the survey on your side. So you will find out for yourself who is right and who is wrong. And you will not be fooled anymore.

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