Beginner Betting Guide: Step-By-Step Guide To Starting Betting

Here, you will find a step-by-step guide on starting betting online with real money and explaining the main betting methods, with expert tips and the best bookmakers with online bookies reviews. Check out the guide below and good profits!

1) Choose A Bookmaker And Register

First, it is essential to pay attention to which bookmakers receive players. From the list above, we’ve left a few trusted sites for you to choose from.  It’s also good to check if it’s covered in the sport you want, if it offers sign-up bonuses, and what your deposit options are.

For the registration to be complete, some bookmakers will ask you to send documents through the website to prove your identity. It is essential that you send this identification as soon as possible to don’t have any problems when redeeming your profit. However, even before they confirm receipt, you will be able to play.

2) Make Your First Deposit And Enjoy The Bonuses

There are several ways to put money into a bookmaker and get promotions like betfair bookmarkers promotions. Each one has its rules, but generally accepted credit card, bank transfer, bank slip, Bitcoin, and various electronic wallets that can make your life easier. Choose which deposit option you prefer and how much you want to transfer.

When you make your first deposit, most houses will offer you a special bonus. This bonus allows you to get to know the site, test different types of bets, and have fun, so enjoy! But be aware that you cannot withdraw a bonus amount. First, it needs to go through the “rollover.” In other words, you will have to bet several times before converting what a real money bonus is. Rules vary from site to site.

4) Place Your First Bet

Log in to the website where you registered and browse the sports. To bet, simply click on the odds at which you want to place your chips, enter what amount to bet, and confirm. Now it’s cheering!

5) Receive Your Profit

When you hit the result, the amount will automatically be deposited into your account on the betting site. You can withdraw money anytime, as long as you are not performing a rollover due to a bonus you have earned. Just pay attention to the deadline required for each type of transaction. Some withdrawal modalities are instantaneous, while others can take up to 10 working days.

If you have not yet sent your documentation to the website (RG and proof of residence), you will need to complete this step before receiving the profit. Withdrawal can only be made to a bank account registered in your name. Preferably the same one you used when depositing.

Transferring to your account is free as long as you have wagered all the money you deposited at least once. If you have not placed any bets, the houses reserve the right to charge a service fee.


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