Generally, cards or spade games are popular as indoor games. When betting was involved in the card game, from then the betting card game is called poker, though the name poker was evolved from a different name a long time ago. In poker, players place bets according to their individual poker skill and hand. The gambling poker depends mostly on luck and rests on a set of skills. Bets are placed with some ceramic or plastic round discs or with real money. There are many varieties of types of poker games. But one should start from the basic poker for which you should learn how to play poker at first. 

Basic know-hows

Poker is generally played with a deck of fifty-two cards. Sometimes, it varies with different casinos or place allowing more than one deck, or only playing with joker and wild cards, etc. Cards are arranged sequentially from ace to number 10. Players place their bet on five cards, then those five cards are recognized as the playing hands. Ranking id depends on the highest number card being dealt with. Then a high ranking player starts to bet or to check. After the first betting initiates, then only starts the real betting. Each player should go through call, raise, and fold. Fold means to drop or pass, call means to bet the same amount to the pot and raise means to bet higher than matching bet.   

Some strategies to play poker can make you confident from the first trials itself

  • One should play a strong and small range of hands initially. Playing speculative spades, hearts, and clubs like 7, 6 spades, 5 heart, etc. aggressively having solid hands is a much better start of your poker journey. 
  • One should develop a solid preflop strategy and should be patient with the strategy. 
  • Making a fold when you are apprehensive that you are beaten. Most of the time, players are confused between raise and fold. Make fold and note that down so that you can judge later that whether you have done the right one or not. 
  • When opponents seeing the flop and turn, that means the opponent is feeling weak. Attacking that weakness with strong bluffing is a good strategy. 
  • When you bluff, bluff effectively. Means bluff with flush draws, straight draws, etc. with aggressively. Bluffing with nothing hands is not at all effective, and it increases the chance to lose. 

When all the cards end up being dealt then players have to open their close cards and the higher-ranked hand wins the bet. 

Well, learning how to play poker is as important as its application in a real poker game. One can only become a master poker player after many trials and errors. 

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