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What is another name for Bato?

This article is about the Illyrian chieftain. For other uses, see Bato (disambiguation). Bato the Daesitiate (also known as Bato of the Daesitiates) was a chieftain of the Daesitiates, an Illyrian tribe which fought against the Roman Empire between 6 and 9 AD in a conflict known as Bellum Batonianum ("Bato's War").

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Who was Bato and what did he do?

Bato belonged to the indigenous Daesitiates tribe, whose homeland was in what is today central Bosnia, and at a critical point in time he chose to lead his people in their struggle against their Roman occupiers. From 33 BC, the Daesitiates were under Roman rule as a semi-independent peregrine civitas.

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