Card games hold an excellent position in the world of gambling. Most of the games need expertise with experience and guidance to earn and wager on them. It might be considerably challenging for a new gambler who is not aware of the rules of card gambling.

Baccarat is the best game if you want to try your hands at card game betting. It is one of the simplest games as it requires no formal training or experience to excel. It solely depends on your luck. Every time you play, you are as likely to win as the person playing the game for over twenty years.

Why Baccarat?

Casino games always favor casinos over bettors. To earn the maximum profits, you must find a game where the odds of winning are highest. On a regular baccarat table, house odds for Banker bets is 1.01, and player bets are 1.24. On winning a game, you receive 95% of the wins. The remaining 5% goes to the casino as commission.

Baccarat allows bets as low as $10 at some tables. But do not shy away from betting bigger bets as stakes are lower comparatively. You only pay to casinos on your winning bets and not on losing bets, thus no charges on playing.


A usual game fun88 uses six to eight decks of cards. The two sides to wager on are Banker’s Hand and Player’s Hand. Two cards are dealt with either hand on the table.

How to Calculate points?

Numerical cards from two to nine hold their numerical value

Ten and face cards have no value.

Ace has one point.

The addition of total points of a winning hand needs to be closer to 9. The points obtained are always a single digit. If the total is double-digit, then we drop the numeral at the tens place. 

For instance, the Banker receives a nine and ace that means 9+1=10 points, but for the final conversion, we will have to drop the tens digit, the final points will be 0. 

There are three places a bettor could wager on the banker, player, and tie zone. On winning banker’s or player’s hands, you receive double of your bet. But on winning the tie, you receive eight to nine folds of your bet. Betting on a tie always seems tempting, it is a risky move that every punter avoids. 

Who wins on a tie?

If it is a tie, no one wins only the one who wagered on it earns. The probability of a tie is lower than 0.147. So when you win, you win big.

Third Card:

The third card is dealt when either hand stands at a total of 6 or 7. It is a table-turning situation. If the card is of small value from 0-5, you can still win. But if a higher value card is pulled, you lose.

Bacarrat experiences online fun88 and offline are similar. You wager the money and wait for your luck to shine.