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appreciate in tagalog

What is the Filipino/Tagalog translation of the English word appreciated?

The best Filipino / Tagalog translation for the English word appreciated. 1.) matuw â - [verb] to be glad; to be pleased; to be joyful; to be happy; to enjoy; to have fun; to appreciate; to be delighted 12 Example Sentences Available » more...

How do you say appreciate in tagal?

Appreciate can be translated as “magpapahalaga”, “pahalagahan” or the Tagalized “Apresyahin”. Additionally, you could also use words that are synonymous such as “magugustuhan”. Here are some example sentences:

What does appreciate mean in English?

The term “ appreciate ” signifies understanding the worth or relevance of (something or someone) as well as admiring and valuing it. In addition, according to Merriam-Webster, it means “to be grateful for (something) and it is also used to make a polite request. What is Appreciate In Tagalog Translation?

What is the meaning of maappreciate?

2.) maappreciate - [verb] to appreciate something (OF); to be able to appreciate something; * Taglish verb from the English word "appreciate" 13 Example Sentences Available » more... 3.) magpasal a mat - [verb] to be thankful; to thank; to show gratitude; to appreciate 4 Example Sentences Available » more...

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