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What is the meaning of Ang Panday?

For other uses, see Ang Panday (disambiguation). Ang Panday ( lit. ' The Blacksmith ') is a 1980 Filipino action - fantasy film produced and directed by Fernando Poe Jr., who also stars as the titular character. It is based on the fictional comics character of the same name, created by Carlo J. Caparas and illustrated by Steve Gan.

Is the movie Ang Panday a good movie?

Ang Panday is like a Hollywood remake. More Action Less Talking. The special effects were good. but the writing is lame and boring. the directing is terrible. the acting is the worst. Ang Panday is one of the worst remakes ever made.

Who is the main character in the movie Ang Panday?

Neverthless, the Filipino tried to come up with replacement hero capitalizing on the Japanese anime's popularity and "Ang Panday" (English: Blacksmith) came out. The movie stars Fernando Poe,Jr,who is regarded as the King of Philippine Movies, on the title role as Flavio.

What is Pand Pand Panday's real name?

Panday is a blacksmith whose real name is Flavio. When a meteor fell from the sky one night, he forged the metal from the meteor into a dagger, the balaraw. When he raises the dagger to the sky, it magically grows into a sword. He uses this magical sword to fight the evil Lizardo (Max Alvarado) and other supernatural beings.

Ang Pandoy

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