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ama namin

What is AMA Namin in the Philippines?

A simple copywork printable on Ama Namin, a Filipino translation of The Lord’s Prayer. Dito sa lupa, para nang sa langit. Bigyan Mo kami ngayon ng aming kakanin sa araw-araw. Sa mga nagkakasala sa amin.

Who are the actors in the movie AMA Namin?

Ama Namin is a 1998 Philippine action drama film directed by Ben Yalung. The film stars Christopher de Leon. ^ Red, Isah (March 30, 1998). "Taking A Trip With Ricky Lee".

What is the plural of Namin in Tagalog?

Ama Namin - uses the plural "namin" to reflect reverence. This is in line with Tagalog language's use of plural forms for polite markers. However, Sumasalangit "ka" - which uses the singular form of the pronoun isn't consistent with the initial employment of the plural polite marker.

What is the plural of Amin?

The plural "amin" is a collective representation for every human that says this prayer, and this plural sense at the same time gives the tone of reverence. Sa dilang masasama (From evil). Have A Great Song? Do you have a great song?

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