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alfonso light

What is Alfonso I light?

Loading... Aged in oak casks brandy-type spirit, Alfonso I Light is prepared with medium and high-strength wine spirits. Selected spirits of good white wines, healthy and fit for consumption. Aged for 18 months in American oak casks according to the traditional Sherry system of Soleras and Criaderas.

What makes Alfonso so special?

The inimitable quality of what makes the Alfonso range of light brandy, white wines, and other spirits is the result of using only the finest ingredients whereby these ingredients will then produce spirits through the distillation of high quality, well-balanced wines, and the aging process.

How does the Alfonso light cocktail/wine glass work?

This specially designed cocktail/wine glass contraption has a bowl and rim shape that channels the brandy of your choice such as an Alfonso Light or Alfonso Light brandy onto the appropriate segment of your tongue as well as transmit aromatic notes of the alcoholic beverage of your choice such as an Alfonso Light brandy to your nose.

What are the most popular products from Alfonso Philippines?

When it comes to popular products from Alfonso Philippines, Alfonso I Light Brandy 1000ml, Alfonso I Light Brandy and Alfonso I Zero 1000ml are among the most preferred collections. The price list for products from Alfonso vary between ₱ 224.00 to ₱ 3,119.00. Enjoy the best prices with iPrice.

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