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albertos pizza

Why choose Alberto’s Pizzeria?

Alberto’s Pizzeria is an Italian Restaurant in Newtown, close to St Peter’s station, was established 40 years ago and has been successfully catering to the locals of the Inner West ever since. Quality food, huge servings and a wide selection make Alberto’s a dining experience.

How much is Alberto's pizza Trafalgar?

Alberto's Pizza Trafalgar | Delicious Pizza Starting From $8.90! Adding products... Forgot your password? Dont worry... * Sorry your email address could not be found. Sending email... New Customer? Simply create an order and your account will be generated during checkout. Forgot password? Checking credentials... loading... Quick delivery.

What kind of cheese does Albertos pizza have?

Here's a Menu of the Albertos Pizza. They are mainly categorized into three (3): the Quickmelt Cheese menu, the Mozzarella Cheese menu and the combination of both. Choose which pizza you're craving for.

What is Alberto’s lounge?

Alberto’s Lounge is a place where good food, good music, good wine and good company meet on an equal footing. It’s an Italian restaurant and bar that is as loyal to the Italy of Lygon Street as it is to the alleyways of Rome, an Italy that is as alive in nightclubs and art-house cinemas as it is trattorias and farmhouses.

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