Yoga asanas for students: 5 yoga poses that will help you to study well for  your exams |

Our brain has amazing powers and abilities that leave us speechless. It functions as the control center of our body, including the beating of our heart and the breathing of our lungs. It also has a creative side, allowing us to express our thoughts and feelings, learn complex languages, store memories, and even win a game of rummy with a bad hand. That’s why it’s important to always pay attention to your cognitive health.

However, there are many people whose own brains are used as a matter of course. As we age, our brain ages. If left unchecked, it will degenerate and you will suffer from various mental disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures such as doing yoga every day in order to protect the brain’s capabilities.

In honor of International Yoga Day, here are some asanas to help you maximize your brain power.

Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

A fast-acting way to rejuvenate the mind is to sit on your haunches and practice Padmasana. Padmasana is a meditation pose that can be done even on a full stomach, and it helps to calm the brain. In addition, it stretches your knees, bends your thighs, improves your body posture and increases your awareness.

How to do Padmasana: Sit with your knees up and place your right foot on your left thigh and your left foot on your right thigh. Make sure your feet are elevated. With both hands in the dumbbell position (index finger and thumb together), inhale and exhale.

  1. Standing on your head (Silsasana)

Silsasana, also known as the king of yoga, immediately calms the entire body. It stimulates the sub-cerebral glands (which control the basic functions of the body), improves digestion, treats asthma, and strengthens the lungs, arms, and legs. This asana is very challenging because it requires a complete inversion of the body. However, once you master it, your mind will benefit greatly from this asana.

How to do Silsasana: Try to do it on an empty stomach. Balance your head on your hands and elbows to form an equilateral triangle. Now, use the balance of your torso to lift your legs in the air.

  1. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)

Vajrasana, also known as “Diamond Pose,” is a knee exercise done while breathing in and out. This asana is very helpful in strengthening the blood flow to the brain and maintaining stability. At the same time, it improves digestion and helps with stomach ailments. With regular practice, your body will be as strong as a diamond.

How to do Vajrayana Asana Sit with your knees up and your knees and ankles together. Make sure the soles of your feet are facing upward and your toes are touching the back of your thighs. Now place your hands on your thighs and adjust your pelvis back and forth. Keep your head upright and breathe in and out.

  1. Passimothanasthana (seated forward bending posture)

This asana is known as a classic yoga pose and is great for stretching the body and back. This asana strengthens the spine and reduces fatigue and high blood pressure. It is best to do this pose in the morning or evening on an empty stomach.

How to do Paschimottanasana. Make sure that your thighs and the base of your calves touch the floor. Now move your body forward from your hips and touch your feet with both hands. At the same time, make sure your elbows touch the floor (depending on how far you can stretch). Exhale when you are fully stretched.

  1. Plow Pose (Halasana)

Harasana is sometimes called “plow pose” because it resembles a plow used in farming. The focus of this asana is to lower depression and calm the mind. It also helps to stretch the shoulders and regulate metabolism. This yoga asana should only be done on an empty stomach.

How to do Halasana. Lie down on the floor with your arms and palms facing down. Now, use your hands and abdominal muscles to lift your legs. Inhale slowly and sweep your legs over your head. Yoga is one of the healthiest ways to uplift our minds and make us feel better. Practicing these asanas every day can help protect us from fatigue and mental illness. While doing yoga, try playing a mental game such as an online rummy cash game

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