The card game of rummy has been quite an interesting one for months, years and decades. Yet, it does not seem to lose its charm in any generation whatsoever. The workplace and the job may get tiring and boring after a while but one has to work in order to make a living. Although there is one way to make the workplace fun for yourself and others as well. Introduce yourself and your colleagues to the card game and learn how to play rummy in just a few minutes.

5 simple methods on how to play rummy


  • Distributing the cards to the players:

Take 2 decks of cards in case of more than 4 players and distribute 13 cards to each of them randomly after shuffling the pack very well. If the card is not shuffled well they will be in sequential order and might hamper the chance of making the game actually interesting and fun to play.

  • Discovering the joker card from the remaining deck of cards:

Once all the players have been given 13 cards each after shuffling the 2 decks of cards, a random card must be selected from the remaining deck of cards. This card must be turned over to check what number has come up. During the whole game, this number is considered as the joker card in case of a missing card in a sequence formed.

  • Discarding the cards with high points:

While playing rummy always remember that the Ace, Jack, Queen and King cards have the highest points. These cards must either be discarded in order to win the game or be replaced by the joker cards.

  • Forming sequences while knowing how to play rummy:

Forming sequences is the only thing that one needs to win the game of rummy. Whether it’s a sequence of four 3s or a consecutive one of 5, 6, 7 and 8, the game will be won if you’re able to show your cards with low points in sets of threes and fours.

  • Winning the game:

Once you have shown your cards with proper sequences or impure ones by using the joker card, you win the game and earn money for it as well.

Earn more by knowing how to play rummy


If you think you will be wasting time by playing rummy, you are in for a surprise. Not only will you be enjoying your work breaks but you will also be able to earn cash after learning how to play rummy online for free. But it’s heavily recommended to every player to know how to play the card game first and then practice dedicatedly with the free games available online.



Once you get to master the card game of rummy during your work breaks, the addiction for it won’t go away so easily especially when you’re also getting paid for it. Therefore, use your work breaks wisely. Know how to play rummy online and earn while playing during your work breaks at the office.

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