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24 chicken

What is 24 chicken store?

In terms of the place, 24 chicken store is just a pub that mainly serves chicken. It has two floors. The first floor is where you can order while the second floor of the store is where you have your food. The second floor is small – it is not ideal for big groups.

What are the flavors of 24 chicken?

Here is the list of the flavors in 24 Chicken: Some of our favorite flavors are their Jack Daniels, Yangnyeom, Spicy BBQ, and Snow Cheese. They also have options if you like it with bones or boneless. Our favorite is boneless. 3. They are open for take out and delivery

Is 24 chicken the best chicken joint in Manila?

If you’re a frequent visitor to our page, The Hungry Traveler PH, you’ll notice that one of our favorite chicken joint in Manila is 24 Chicken. In this article, we’ll tell you what you should know and why we love this Korean fried chicken.

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